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Option #1

Large Format
Signature Bowls

Customer selects any (2) signature bowls = $14/person
Customer selects any (3) signature bowls = $15/person
Customer selects any (4) signature bowls = $16/person

*Large bowls of white rice, brown rice and mixed greens served separately. Includes disposable plates/utensils, serving utensils and name cards for each menu item

Option #2

Poke Packs
Individual Bowls

Individual bowls for groups of 20-50 ppl
Signature bowls regular: $11/person
Signature bowls large: $15/person
BYOB regular: $12/person
BYOB large: $16/person

**Includes individuals names on the bowl if requested by client and noted on the order form. Chopsticks and serving utensils included.


Bottled water, sparkling water and soda sold individually at $2 each
Drink “Package” for all guests in the event at $1.50/person
***includes bottled water, sparkling and soda, premium drinks extra
Coconut water and premium drinks at $3.49/person
Gallon of iced tea at $20/gallon


Seaweed salad small (serves 10 ppl) $30.00
Seaweed salad large (serves 20 ppl) $50.00
Chilled edamame pods (serves 10 ppl) $30.00
Chilled edamame pods (serves 20 ppl) $50.00
Lundberg rice chips $2.50/bag or large bags for $7.50

Advanced Notification:

20 ppl or less: Same day is fine, one hour notice is requested
20-40 ppl: 24 hour notice requested
More than 40 ppl: 72 hour notice

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